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21 Years of Love. Saying “I do,” every day.

Twenty-one years ago today, I had the amazing good fortune to wed a wonderful woman who has patiently put up with all my creative endeavors and supported my dreams. Each year, on our anniversary, I have reflected upon our lives together and put pen to paper to try and share what was in my heart.

Here is a favorite of years past.

There will come a day, in the not too distant future, that our boys will find love and thrill to its mysteries.

 And when they do, I hope they will look upon us as an inspiration, as a model they wish to replicate.

 I see a day ahead when our son, conflicted and looking for answers, will come to me and ask, “Dad… How do you know? How do you know you’ve found the right one?”

 I’ll smile. And then give him the same frustrating bit of wisdom my father gave me.

“You just do.”

 He’ll stomp off wondering why he bothered and I’ll chuckle to myself, knowing that when he’s ready, he’ll just know. And maybe decide his dad isn’t a complete idiot after all.

 That’s the way of it. There are no hard and fast rules. It’s a sense. A knowing. One that defies logic, for it is a knowledge that taps deeper than our minds can fully comprehend. It is a completion of self, one which leads to that inevitable, ‘A-ha!’ as you just suddenly know.

 Shortly thereafter, we’ll watch as the two join their hearts together and I’ll have one last shot to guide him.

 “So dad, how did you guys do it? What made it all work?”

 I’ll grin.

“Faith and hard work. Faith that you’ve arrived here for all the right reasons and determination to honor each other, your love and your lives together with all the effort it deserves and will demand of you both. For, “I do,” is only one step of many. In the end, your success will depend upon your ability to say, “I do,” each and every day after. Find those reasons, son. Hold them in your heart and celebrate them, come what may, today and for all your tomorrows. Do that… and you will never be led to question. You’ll know. As sure as you know today.”

And then you’ll suddenly burst in through the door.

“The church is filling up down there. Any of you boys want to come down and keep me company?”

I’ll wink at my son.

“I do,” I’ll say.

I do.

Happy Anniversary to my loving wife.

I’m glad to be sharing in this journey with you at my side.


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2 thoughts on “21 Years of Love. Saying “I do,” every day.

  1. Awww ~ you’re the best!

  2. Nah. She’s the best. : )

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