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DreamWalkers – A Novel

DreamWalkers is my newly penned young adult novel, an action adventure story dealing with psychic espionage and lucid dreaming. Here’s the synopsis.

They can invade your mind, steal your thoughts… even hijack your body. You have just one defense; realize it’s all a dream, before it’s too late.

Night after night, fourteen-year old Adam Krantz has suffered from recurring nightmares, ever since his father’s unexplained death. But when Adam suddenly starts remembering things only his father could have known, he is embroiled in a web of intrigue, as psychic black ops agents infiltrate his dreams, searching for secrets his father may have buried there.

Now, Adam must trust a team of dream researchers and a shadowy Dreamwalker named Hunter to train him for the fight of his life. But to save himself and those he loves, Adam will have to master his dreams, martial his will and discover the very source of his humanity or be Psy-Jacked and doomed to a fate worse than death.

Stay tuned for more developments!


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